The Functions and Benefits of a Skimmer Box

Many want to know what a skimmer box is for and how it works. In this article I will explain the functions of a skimmer box and why you should invest in a skimmer box for your pond. This information will supply you with valuable knowledge to properly choose a sufficient skimmer box for your pond needs. First, what does a skimmer box do? Skimmer boxes have 3 primary functions. The first function is to remove large and small debris

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The Benefits of Waterfall Filters

What do waterfall filters do? Waterfall filters meet both aesthetic and functional needs. First and foremost, a waterfall filter provides a level and symmetrical spillway for the water to flow from. This allows the the water to fall in a consistent and natural looking way. Secondly, waterfall filters help maintain water clarity and oxygen levels. Both of which are vitally important for the life of pond plants and animals! How do they work? Waterfall filters are designed to fill from

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How to Build a Pondless Waterfall

(Dig & Shape) Like digging a pond, when we start the process of building a pondless waterfall we start the dig, and we use the dirt to form the mound where the waterfall will be built. Unlike a normal pond, pondless features have less digging. The hole that is dug is the basin, where the water is held and where the pump is stored. The mound that we form is tamped carefully, and shaped according to the waterfall design. Once

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Pondless Waterfalls: A Beautiful Alternative to Ponds

Pondless waterfalls continue to grow more and more popular every year. They still captivate you with the beautiful sight and sound of a waterfall, just, without a pond. Many folks like the idea of less maintenance on anything, whether it would be cars, houses, and even ponds. With pondless waterfalls, the only maintenance needed is controlling string algae on the surface of your waterfall stones, which can be fixed by a topical treatment. You may need to add water from

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Backyard Blessings Pond Remodel Process

Let’s just say it is about that time to remodel your pond! You’re ready to go big, or you’ve had enough with big. All water features are different, so that makes every remodel unique. Some remodels may need some plumbing, waterfall filter, or skimmer box replaced, while some may only need the pond or the waterfall remodeled. Once initial contact has been established with us here at Backyard Blessings, and we’ve decided a game plan with what is needed and

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Remodels Can Help Extend the Life of Your Pond

Have you had a pond built 10 years ago and you’ve enjoyed every last bit of it, but you just are wanting something bigger? Have you enjoyed doing the maintenance on your 5,000 gallon pond over the years, but now are getting to the point where it has become a nuisance? Or have you had a previous installer not work up to the job he said he was going to do? Remodels are in high demand these days and here

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Our Solutions to Pond Pump Issues

Hello there! Is your pond pump giving you issues? Is it plugged in but not running? Is it humming and pushing small amounts of water? You are not alone! These problems are shared by many other water feature owners. So we wrote this article to help save you the time, money, and frustration that would otherwise be spent on paying a professional to come out and look at your pump. As you read these steps below think about how these

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The Benefits of Using a Pond Pump

Why are pumps important for ponds? How do they work? Where is the best location for the pump? How do you maintain your pump? Why do you use pumps? These are the most common questions for pond owners or people looking to own a pond. In this article we will guide you through these questions to help you make the best decision possible when purchasing a pump. First, we will address why pumps are important for ponds. Pumps are to

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A Pond Clean Can Extend the Life of Your Pond

british online casinos One of the many services we provide here at Backyard Blessings is what we like to call a PC. A “PC” or ” Pond Clean” is where we simply clean out your pond very thoroughly. When we arrive on scene, we immediately start draining your pond. We first fill up our tub with pond water to house your fish life, some plants, and sometimes even frogs and add an aerator which omits oxygen into the water for your fish. We

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Pond Building Process at Backyard Blessings Part 2

(Dig & Shape) We typically build ponds by hand, but if necessary, we will bring in a machine. Almost every time we build a new water feature, the dirt that is dug out, will be used again. In normal circumstances we use the dirt to mound up where the waterfall will be going. In the process of digging out the shape of the pond, we dirt tamp the waterfall mound with a hand tamp. Dirt tamping compacts the dirt, so

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