The Functions and Benefits of a Skimmer Box

Many want to know what a skimmer box is for and how it works. In this article I will explain the functions of a skimmer box and why you should invest in a skimmer box for your pond. This information will supply you with valuable knowledge to properly choose a sufficient skimmer box for your pond needs. First, what does a skimmer box do? Skimmer boxes have 3 primary functions. The first function is to remove large and small debris and material that can make its way into the pond. The second function is to return clean water to the pond. The last primary function of your skimmer box is to aerate the water providing your fish and aquatic plants with crucial oxygen needed to sustain life and growth. How does a skimmer box work? A skimmer box has three primary components that make it work. The first component is a mesh net. When water first enters the skim box it is forced to pass through this net that is designed to catch large debris such as leaves, twigs, and any other similarly sized material. The second component is a large, thick, and dense filter. This filter is located behind the net and is used to effectively catch and trap smaller debris such as dirt, pollen, and algae. The third component is a submersible water pump. This pump is the power source that drives the filtering process by pulling large quantities Without prescription of water through the net and filter and then discharging the clean water back into the bottom center of the pond or to your waterfall filter if you have a waterfall that drains into your pond. Why are skimmer boxes important? Skimmer boxes have crucial importance for both cosmetic and pond life needs. For cosmetics, this filtering process keeps the water clear so you can see your fish and aquatic plants. In addition, it helps reduce the chances of algae growth and prevents the water from going stagnant and producing nasty odors. The reasons skimmer boxes are important for pond life is because the aeration restores oxygen in the water to life giving levels allowing your fish and aquatic plants to grow healthy and reach maximum life capacity. How do I know what size skimmer box I need? To choose a sufficient skimmer box you need to know approximately how many gallons of water your pond holds. You can figure this out by measuring the largest points of width, length, and depth then multiplying them together. Then choose a a skimmer box rated for at least as many gallons as your pond holds. This is very crucial because your skim box will be holding a pump which size must be sufficient to your pond needs. Why do we use skimmer boxes? We use skimmer boxes to provide our customers with a product that will make their pond as enjoyable as possible. Our skimmer boxes keep our customers happy by keeping their water as clear, odorless, and pond life friendly as possible so they can enjoy their pond for years to come with as little maintenance as possible.