How to Build a Pondless Waterfall

(Dig & Shape)

Like digging a pond, when we start the process of building a pondless waterfall we start the dig, and we use the dirt to form the mound where the waterfall will be built. Unlike a normal pond, pondless features have less digging. The hole that is dug is the basin, where the water is held and where the pump is stored. The mound that we form is tamped carefully, and shaped according to the waterfall design. Once the hole is dug, the waterfall is shaped, and we install your waterfall filter.


We still have to check for sharp foreign objects where we have dug, so that the liner is safe. Once we’ve inspected the area, we lay the underliner down and shape it to the basin shape and the waterfall. Then we install the liner, shaping as necessary. Since pondless waterfalls are much smaller than ponds, we may be able to attach the liner to the filter with one piece. With bigger pondless waterfalls, we will attach a separate liner as we do with pond waterfalls.


Once the liner is set in place and the waterfall filter is attached, we lay another piece of underlay in the basin, then we use the object that is going to hold the water which is the basin itself. We usually use a container that is about 2­ to 2 1/2 feet tall. We leave an area cut out of the can so you may have access to your pump. We install your pump and attach the pump to your waterfall filter with our PVC flexible tubing.

(Stone Work)

We build the waterfall like a normal pond waterfall, carefully placing the stones. We pinch the liner higher than what the water level is flowing down the falls. We cover and hide the liner as necessary and we use our pond foam where need be. The foam is to maximize your flow rate and to hold the stones in place. We usually camouflage the basin and liner with bigger flag stone to take up space and use desired stone to beautify the feature. Once we’ve completed the stone work, we rinse and run! We do a once over, making sure plumbing connections are holding the way they are suppose to, and make sure the waterfall has no low spots. Then, you get to enjoy your new pondless waterfall!