Algae Treatment & Preventative

Backyard Blessings has a total treatment plan for any size water feature. We have an algae prevention and treatment plan that works on our ponds and for about 90% of our customer's ponds. We have additional treatment plans that the remainder of our customers use for clean and healthy water.


We always have a variety of pumps in stock that are specifically engineered and built for your water feature. Make sure you speak with a Backyard Blessings representative to purchase the appropriate pump for your project. Pumps ranging from 30 gph to 16,000 gph.


We have a large variety of Koi, goldfish, & shubunkin. Visit our store and pick out your favorite fish to bring home. Or you can have us deliver your fish and place them in the pond for you.

Fish food

We have a variety of fish food available. High protein fish food for late spring and summer. Wheat germ fish food for early spring and fall.


Plants are a fun and necessary addition to your pond. They provide beauty, natural filtration, and a more suitable living environment for your fish. Many times they provide shade and protection for your fish. Plants put oxygen into your pond water. Plants use the nutrients in your water to grow and to prevent excessive algae growth. Backyard Blessings has a large selection of pond plants to choose from.


Our liner is .045inches thick, that's 45mil. It carries a 20year manufacturer's warranty. We always have liner rolls in stock that are 15'x100'; 20'x100'; 25'x100'and 30'x50'. We can cut the length of any liner roll to fit the custom size you need for your pond. We can special order any size up to 50'x100' and can deliver it to your door or you can pick up your order at our store.

Skimmers & Waterfall Filters

We use skimmers by Pondbuilder and Savio. We have found those to be the best skimmers on the market.

Ultraviolet lights (UV)

Ultra violet lights are used in ponds to destroy algae cells. These units are not mandatory, yet they sometimes prove advantageous in certain applications. We keep several styles in stock, visit our retail store to size up the appropriate UV unit for your pond.

Pond Package

Some customers want pond packages. Over the years we have discovered that pre-manufactured pond packages do not always allow you the creative freedom needed to complete your project. Therefore, Backyard Blessings works with you to create the custom pond package you need. We strive to be your one stop shop for all your pond essentials: underliner, liner, pump, skimmer, plumbing, tubing, foam, waterfall filter, stones, aquatic plants, fish, fish food, water treatments and any other necessities.

Pondless Waterfalls & Water Features

Pondless waterfalls and water features are becoming increasingly popular. We at Backyard Blessings look for new and exciting ways to create interesting water features. Bring your ideas to us and we can talk about how to create an exciting new pondless water feature for you. We have dozens of small plug and play water features available and ready for purchase.


We offer a large variety of wall stone, flagstone, cobblestone and decorative gravel. Available for pick up at our East Side location and also available for delivery.

Gift Certificates

Maybe you don't know exactly what to pick out for that special someone. That's why customers purchase Backyard Blessings gift certificates. It takes the guess work out of it. The gift certificate is redeemable towards any of the products and services we sell.

Online Ordering

We do ship products. Some of the common items we ship are: skimmers, waterfall filters, ultra violet lights, filter replacement mats, algae treatment, pumps, and others. Call us or email us with your product request. We will respond promptly with your total cost including shipping, and have your order sent to you quickly.