The Benefits of Waterfall Filters

What do waterfall filters do? Waterfall filters meet both aesthetic and functional needs. First and foremost, a waterfall filter provides a level and symmetrical spillway for the water to flow from. This allows the the water to fall in a consistent and natural looking way. Secondly, waterfall filters help maintain water clarity and oxygen levels. Both of which are vitally important for the life of pond plants and animals! How do they work? Waterfall filters are designed to fill from the bottom up and pour out over the spill way. This process starts with an entry point at the bottom back side of the filter to which a pump can run water to. From there, the water starts to fill up until it meets the first layer of filtration. The first layer of filtration consist of a thick dense filter pad that catches and traps the bulk of debris. After the filter pad the water is forced to pass over a bio bag. Bio bags typically consist of a mesh bag containing lava rocks or other porous material. This allows bacteria to grow and consume any algae in the water. Consisting of both a mechanical filter and a biological filter, this design is guaranteed to provide you with a beautiful cascade of clean flowing water. Why are waterfall filters important? Aside from being cosmetically pleasing, waterfall filters are important because they remove large amounts of debris, they aerate the water, and they help prevent algae growth! All of these functions are significant contributing facts in promoting good health for your pond habitat to aid in the health of your aquatic plants and animals for years to come! Why do we use waterfall filters? We use them to supply our customers with the best product possible to help make their waterfall dreams come true. In addition, our waterfall filters help tremendously with maintenance by catching debris that they would otherwise have to net out. Together, all of this will work to provide our customers with a water feature that will bring joy for many years to come!