Jan and Marty

“Backyard Blessings designed, dug out and installed a koi pond in our back yard. Roughly 20'L x 10'w x 4.5'd. With a 5' waterfall at head of pond.”

“This is a huge project. It takes many 12+ hour days to complete. These folks know what to do, how to do, and the why to do. They are truly professional, very nice, and genuine good folks. They do what they say. And they do it on time. They will do all future tune ups on the system. This is not a side line occupation for these folks. This is their only, and full time occupation. This is ALL they do. This fact alone sets them apart from virtually all competitors in Central Indiana. We are very glad we chose them.”

Pam B.

Marc and his helper arrived early and started work immediately. Hand dug for pond installation, installed liners, built waterfall and brought in all natural rocks for pond. This is very hard and heavy work with all the stones. They completed pond the same day. Marc is one of the most friendly contractors were have every used, very positive and upbeat. He wanted to make our pond just the way we asked, only better! He sat on our porch with us when he came for the estimate and envisioned what we wanted. Great guy and company!”

Kristina W.

“Marc and his assistant diagnosed the cause of a leak in my backyard koi pond, repaired it and renovated the pond by removing debris, tree roots and reorganizing all the rocks.”

“Marc responded quickly with ideas on how I could do some investigating work to help him find the leak faster and save some money. He was open and transparent about possible complications and costs, and communicated quickly and clearly on the progress. He was able to complete the work according to my schedule. He was pleasant, flexible and easy to work with. My pond is gorgeous! The company that installed my pond is no longer in business and I'm so glad I found Backyard Blessings to help.”

Chris L.

“Marc is a great Christian man, he and his assistant were both professional and got the job done quickly and efficiently. A classroom of children visited while he was finishing up and took the time to instruct the kids on what he did and why it was so important to keep the water and things clean and running properly. I would and have used him again!!!”

Greg B.

“Marc was very responsive in first looking over our needs and providing a clear estimate within a day and scheduled the work soon after I agreed to the plan. He arrived as scheduled and worked very efficiently for two days to take out and restructure a 10X20 bog area replacing two old filter boxes with one new one. He dug out the old bog down to the old liner and overlaid with a new liner and reconfigured the surrounding decorative rock. He then turned his attention to a second pond and did the necessary repairs to the filter box that was leaching lots of water. Marc and his companion work hard, are very easy to communicate with, and clearly very professional in their work. They left the area very clean, having hauled away all the trash and old parts. Finding someone who you can rely on for ongoing pond maintenance is difficult. There are some who say they do this, but really don't have the background. I found Marc to be one who very much knows what he is doing. He is responsive, clear and timely in communications, and fairly priced for the work performed. I will reuse his services.”

Wendy W.

"They came at 7 a.m. and did an excellent job. They were so efficient that none of my fish died. It was such a dirty pond that they totally replaced the water and got all of the mess out of the bottom of the pond. They power washed it and also replaced some parts in my skimmer box. They also cleaned the waterfall box and the outside filter and removed all of the water lilies; there were a ton of them. They were done by noon and did a fantastic job. There was a hole in the seal that they found and repaired. This company also replaced a few bags that hold my filter media in the waterfall box. I am going to hire them every year to do a spring cleaning. They came out about a week after I called them. They picked up all of their equipment and had everything they needed to do the job."

L. M.

I called on Tuesday and Marc was able to come out on Wednesday to do the work . He was prompt, professional and helpful. He completed the work in a timely fashion and the results are wonderful. Our pond has never been this clear and the waterfall looks great. We will definitely call him again.

Bridget B.

The whole process was seamless. Marc was professional and helped me to stay within my budget, all while creating the perfect backyard waterscape. I would recommend Backyard Blessings!

CJ & Irv

Backyard Blessings cleaned and repaired my koi pond last spring & the year before. Carefully removed the koi to a large tank, emptied pond--then power washed the pond liner, waterfall box, filter, etc. Repaired leaks with silicone & black foam. Refilled the pond and added appropriate chemicals--then the fish. Put all the plants back around the pond and cleaned up thoroughly.

Marc responded on Wednesday after I left him a message Tuesday evening that my pond pump burned out. He replaced the pump & plumbing ($447 for materials) and soon had everything working smoothly again. With the hot weather, a delay could have been dangerous for my Japanese koi.
Marc does a terrific job of cleaning and repairing my 2,000 gallon pond each spring. I call him the Fish Whisperer because the Koi are actually calmer after he handles them. Several years ago, another pond cleaning service stressed out my fish so much one of them died, so I really appreciate the care Marc and his crew take with them.
Besides doing an excellent job, Marc is personable, honest and a delight to deal with. I've used three other pond services, and Backyard Blessings is the best by far!

Marcia S.

I had been having difficulty with an existing pond for some time with several unfound leaks. The condition of the water was poor, and the waterfall needed complete re-building. It is quite difficult (I found) to get someone to work on smaller ponds, but I was able to find Backyard Blessings. He came out to give me an estimate within a few days, and located the areas that were leaking and other problem areas. He was able to perform the work almost immediately, and I was amazed at the proficiency, professionalism, and work done. They cleaned up the yard where they had drained the pond to a point there was no residue whatsoever (and believe me...there was plenty). They re-designed my waterfall so it is "bird friendly", and everything is beautiful. No leaks, the water is clear, and I am looking forward to plants.

Jill and Don G.

This an excellent company for service and maintenance of our backyard waterfalls. The work excellent and the price was reasonable. We have also contracted to have the system serviced turned off during the winter and turned on in the spring. We would definitely recommend Backyard Blessings!

We had this company repair our backyard waterfalls which was losing water and we also need someone to prepare the system for the winter. We had another company give an estimate but Backyard Blessings was much more friendly and more knowledgeable about the water pump and filtration system. The repair was done correctly along with recommendation for maintaining the system thru the winter. We have contract with Backyard Blessing to maintain our system - winterization and start-up in the spring. We have only good things to say about the service from Backyard Blessings.

Audrey and Dave

We used Backyard Blessings because we were having problems with our streambed and pond in our backyard and they fixed it. They completely cleaned it out and got the pump running and did some other stuff. They did a lot of work on it.

We were having problems finding anybody to come out. We had another company that said our pond wasn't big enough and they needed to double the size and do $12,000 worth of work on it. Backyard Blessings is really, really responsive and did an excellent job. They got it up and running in no time. They were great to work with. We used them several times this summer.

David & Patty

The experience with Marc and Backyard Blessings was a very positive one. He showed up on time, performed the work well and was priced significantly cheaper than other folks we have had attempt to work on our waterfall. I would use the company again.

Linda and Gaston

We were very impressed with them and they did a wonderful job. He was amazing in terms of artistic design and putting it up. We had him out to winterize it and then do the spring start up work on it. We had seen their booth at an Earth Day downtown and we had been trying to do this ourselves for a long time. We had gotten another estimate. They did really good prep work and installed the whole thing for us. It was beautifully designed and much nicer than what we had before. We were very pleased.

Marv H.

We have a pondless waterfall and it was not working...and needed major repair. We met with Marc on a Sunday and he answered our questions and we promptly made an appointment for him to conduct an assessment. Later in the evening Marc submitted two proposals one for simple repair and another one for a total reconstruction of our water fall. We chose the latter. We spoke that evening (06/20) and confirmed is arrival on the next day.

Marc and his assistant Lee came prior to 9:00 AM and they clearly knew what they were doing. I came back later in the day (they completed the job) and the work was excellent. Marc is a real artist and we now have a water fall that we imagine three years ago. What was a dream is now a reality. Marc did an exceptional job of paying attention to our needs and he responded in a very positive manner. I recommend Backyard Blessings (Marc) without reservation!!!

Janelle R.

Backyard Blessings cleaned out the existing koi pond, dug a new larger pond, installed liner, new pump and skimmer filter; created waterfall effect and landscaped edges of pond. They also provided advice on pond maintenance and several new fish and plants.

I called Marc (owner of Backyard Blessings) shortly after moving into a new house with an existing koi pond. The pond was inadequate in size for the number of fish, and it had not been maintained recently. Because I did not have previous experience with ponds, I needed assistance in cleaning the pond. Marc was prompt, courteous and professional and is very knowledgeable about pond construction, maintenance, landscaping and fish care. After he assessed the pond, I decided to have him enlarge the pond and add additional landscaping, filter and a few other fish and plants. I am very happy with the results and would use his services again in the future (when I plan on enlarging the pond even further).