Pondless Waterfalls: A Beautiful Alternative to Ponds

Pondless waterfalls continue to grow more and more popular every year. They still captivate you with the beautiful sight and sound of a waterfall, just, without a pond. Many folks like the idea of less maintenance on anything, whether it would be cars, houses, and even ponds. With pondless waterfalls, the only maintenance needed is controlling string algae on the surface of your waterfall stones, which can be fixed by a topical treatment. You may need to add water from time to time due to evaporation, and maybe check the pump every once in a while to clear debris. It may be necessary to clear debris from the surface of the feature by hand from time to time. Other than those simple factors, you can almost go a whole season without touching your pondless waterfall feature. These types of features still have the same functionality compared to a pond when it comes to self sustaining circulation from pump to waterfall filter and back around. They both need a pump, tubing, and waterfall filter. These features however, do not need a skimmer box. The basin is what contains the water and is the source of circulation. When it comes to debris, it usually stays on the surface of the feature which is easy removed by hand. So there is no need for a skim box. Having a filter mat in the waterfall filter determines whether you need to clean and/or replace the mat once a year, or every two years. It is ideal to have the feature drained out and cleaned maybe once a year, or every two years as well. We provide pondless waterfall cleaning services at Backyard Blessings. When it comes to Pondless waterfalls, you will not be able to have any fish, and most of the time no aquatic plants like you may have in a pond. You can still add floral plants in the mound around your waterfall to further beautify your feature. Both ponds and pondless features do need to be winterized properly. When winterizing, your pump needs to be unplugged and filter box needs to be drained completely. Then it is covered with Without prescription a small tarp or heavy trash bag, pulling tight so there is no slack them using stones to hold the material down. This insures that no standing water will find its way in the box, freeze and thaw, and possibly damage your box. The pump is normally left in the basin, because typically it sits beneath the average freeze level in Indiana so it should not damage your pump. Some customers will, however, have us remove them and store them in a shed or garage. We then tarp over the whole feature, using stones to hold down the tarp. This protects the feature from falling leaves, sticks, and any other kind of debris. It also adds extra protection for your filter box. So, ponds and pondless water features both bring beauty to your yard. They function the same, but the maintenance priorities are different. They both need proper winterizing to ensure the functionality of the upcoming season. Pondless features take up a smaller space than ponds do. You can’t lose either way because they still bless your yard in the same way.