Backyard Blessings Pond Remodel Process

Let’s just say it is about that time to remodel your pond! You’re ready to go big, or you’ve had enough with big. All water features are different, so that makes every remodel unique. Some remodels may need some plumbing, waterfall filter, or skimmer box replaced, while some may only need the pond or the waterfall remodeled. Once initial contact has been established with us here at Backyard Blessings, and we’ve decided a game plan with what is needed and then it is time to take action! We drain all (if any) water out of your water feature, getting rid of all the big debris and taking out whatever sludge is leftover. We then extract all of your stones from within your water feature, placing them nearby to ensure an easy re?installation. The stones are out and now its time to get the existing liner out as well.

When it comes to making your pond bigger, we will need to start digging and shaping to the desired size. The dirt that is being extracted will be used to add to the pre?existing waterfall mound, or taken somewhere on the property. The next step for us is to continue on with the remodel like it were a regular build. We will install a skimmer box, or waterfall filter, if needed. We then check the pond area to get rid of any protruding sharp objects so they do not damage the liner. We install the underliner, and shape it to the size of the pond and waterfall. Now it is time to install the liner, shape it, and attach to the skimmer box and also the waterfall filter, if needed. If new tubing were part of the remodeling project, that would be the next step. Now its time for the big puzzle to be put together! We carefully build your stone wall on the ledge we shaped in your pond, hiding as much liner as possible. Then we put together the waterfall, placing stones necessary to pinch the liner high to ensure that the flow of water stays in the pond. We then foam the waterfall stones to ensure maximum flow and to make sure the stones stay secure. Now it is time to rinse, fill, and enjoy!