Regular Maintenance is Important for a Healthy Pond

A healthy, beautiful, functioning pond doesn’t come easy. To sustain your pond in this way involves regular maintenance. Cars, homes, buildings, people and, yes, even ponds need maintenance. A lot of people have enough work on their plate to keep them busy for years, so why would they want to add more? Well here at Backyard Blessings, we can help. One of our many services is indeed maintenance. We love to provide our customers the ability to just enjoy the pond with little to no work.

Some pond maintenance is similar, while some is different. A lot of ponds function differently because of the resources that are used to build the pond and what is used to make it work. A pond with a skimmer box for instance has to have the leaf basket/net emptied, and the filter mat needs to be rinsed off thoroughly with a garden hose. The pump should be checked to make sure no debris is around or in the intake part of the pump. Some ponds have pressure filters that need to be cleaned by back flushing them. Some ponds might even just have a pump sitting at the bottom of the pond exposed, or in a pump sock which need to be cleaned. An exposed pump should be brushed off, making sure no debris is clogging the intake.

Every pond needs to have the leaves and debris that have fallen in netted out by hand in a maintenance. It may take some time but it will prevent build up in your pond. The last step in every pond maintenance, if necessary, is the adding of treatment in pond. Whether it be an algaecide, a clarifier, or a beneficial bacteria, or all, we can provide this and what ever service is necessary to maintain and sustain a beautiful pond for you!