Pond Freeze-Thaw Cycle

Winter always shows up, and this year has been no different in Indiana with the freezing and thawing cycle. It is important to remember that the Midwest freeze thaw cycle can be destructive to your pond. It can be much less destructive when you plan and prepare for it. The freeze thaw cycle will move rocks in your stream, waterfall, and even the pond itself. We strongly encourage proper placement of a heater or high powered aerator. Remember to put the heater and or the buy without prescription air diffuser directly in front of the skimmer opening. By doing so, this keeps that area thawed out. The freeze thaw cycle in front of the skimmer, if left without a heater or aerator, is very susceptible to breaking. Last year Backyard Blessings had to replace more than 30 skimmer units that were affected by this cycle. Keep your protection in there until the winter has passed. On the warmer days during the winter, pull out your heater or air diffuser and clean it off, then put it back in to keep it operating at maximum efficiency. As always, please contact us if you have any questions. Backyard Blessings