Lizard’s Tail Pond Water Plant


How does Lizard’s Tail grow? Lizard’s Tail is a colony based plant growing from underground runners. The runners derive from hairy stems called rhizomes. Rhizomes grow and spread into the water and the mud producing opportunities for other colonies to develop. This fascinating plant can grow to an astonishing 5 feet tall! Even at such an amazing size you would never know it because the bulk of this plant’s height will remain under water.

When does Lizards Tail bloom? What does Lizard’s Tail look like? Lizard’s Tail’s peak bloom season is from June to September. This allows it to demonstrate its beautiful display to cap off the summer season. Of course, this plant’s key feature is its Lizard’s Tail or raceme. A raceme is a long narrow column of tiny white flowers that typically grow from 6 to ­8 inches long. This lengthy column hangs over giving it the distinct curves of a lizard’s tail. The rest of the plant is made up of a stalky green stem, leaves, and roots.

Can Lizard’s Tail survive winter? Surprisingly yes, this is one durable plant! Lizard’s Tail is classified as a perennial plant. Meaning most of the plant that you see dies off and decomposes but the heart of the plant, its rhizomes, sustain life until spring. Once spring starts these enduring little rhizomes begin to sprout into new colonies and create all new racemes to bloom for the next summer! Ultimately, the beauty, uniqueness, and durability of this plant makes it a favorable choice for your water feature year after year!