Lily Pads: A Beautiful and Popular Pond Plant

Lily Pads are probably one our most beautiful and popular aquatic plants here at Backyard Blessings. Lilies have a way with captivating pond lovers with there beautiful flower bloom they release on the surface of the water. Lilies grow from rhizomes that are planted in a pot under the waters surface. Stems grow from the rhizomes until they reach the surface and produce round leaves we call Lily Pads. When placing your lily in your pond, you don’t want to place it close to the surface. Lilies like to have space to grow up. They also bloom a beautiful colored and lightly scented flower. There are many different colored Lilies and we like to try and carry an assortment for our customers. Lilies are easy to manage by having to pluck or cut away dead pads or blooms and maybe splitting your Lily into a separate pot if it grows too large. Typically lilies do come back after winter. You may have to cut all the pads down to the planter they are in, and set it at the deepest area of your pond. Our lilies typically start at $35.