How pH Levels Affect Pond Water Color

There’s nothing like a nice bowl of green pea soup sometimes. What isn’t nice, is when your pond looks the same way, green pea soup. There are some elements that make your pond lime green and a few different solutions can fix the problem. High pH level in your pond can cause lime greenness in ponds. We here at Backyard Blessings can provide test strips to see if all of your pond levels are where they need to be. One of the levels the strips read is indeed pH. The average safe pH level in ponds is anywhere from 7.0­-8.0. High pH levels untreated are hazardous. Left untreated, high pH levels can suffocate your fish and destroy your plants.We recommend trying a treatment called Pond pH Lower that we carry here at Backyard Blessings. Treatment goes by the size of your pond, so all you have to do is follow the treatment plan and your pond should be restored back to new!