What to do about your frozen pond

Each Midwest winter, most waterfalls tend to form beautiful ice sculptures in running ponds. They also however, almost completely freeze over. This tends to raise the anxiety level for most pond owners. When we have snow and frigid temperatures like we’ve been experiencing in the Midwest, you may look outside at your pond and see no more running water. When this happens, what ever you do, DO NOT unplug the pump and shut your system down. Instead, look and listen very carefully for running water on your pond. Even a tiny trickle indicates that there is still moving water in the system, and that is a good thing. In most cases, before the winter season strikes, ponds are winterized by either closing down the system properly, or keeping it running with the proper aerator system and/or a heater. It’s also important to check the front entrance of the skimmer box, if you have a skimmer, to make sure the water level is still high enough and making its way to the pump. Your heater should be producing a small hole in the ice and placed near the skimmer opening. If you are using an aerator only, there may not be a large thawed out area, but there may be an ice dome and tiny holes in the ice. If you can still hear the bubbles hitting the surface, you are all good. It’s a common occurrence for a heater or aerator to go out over time and needs to be replaced. If that becomes the case for you, or you have general questions, just gives us a call at 317-899-5459 and leave us a voicemail with your concern. We would be happy to further assist you! Keep in mind that Backyard Blessings provides winterization services from September through December. Thank you for being apart of the BB family!

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