Robust Admin Panel

Neosense comes with robust and inteligent Admin Panel. It allows for easy and intuitive to set all aspects of appearance and function of theme. Creating your own skin has never been as easy. Plenty of options allows you to create the unique appearance of the page with a few clicks without writing a single line of code. This quick guide to the built-in Neosense Custom Skin Creator will show you how to do it.

1. General Options and Layout

Here you can set all general options of theme:
  • Theme width
  • Custom width for mobile devices
  • Sidebar width and position
  • Social icons positions
  • etc…

    2. Navigation Settings

    Neosense support two build in menus main and footer menu. Here you can set all general options of this menus:
  • Menu depth
  • Animation type and speed for main menu
  • etc…

    3. Typography settings

    Here you can set fonts for theme. Avanti support:
  • Google fonts
  • Adobe Edge fonts
  • FontSquirel fonts (6 fonts pack delivered with theme)

  • You can use up to four different fonts paralel.

    4. Apperance settings

    Here is a really powerful skin creator. You can separatelly set all main graphic options for all page areas. You can choose from several custom controls as:
  • Color picker
  • Pattern picker
  • Image uploader
  • Opacity slider

  • 5. Content settings

    Here you can select some content related options as:
  • Use WP autoparagraphs
  • Display specific post metadata
  • etc

  • 6. Social API

    Here you can select some Social API related options as:
  • Enable or disable built in the theme social buttons (Facebook like, Google Plus, Twitter button)
  • Determine on witch pages or categories will be displayed

  • 7. Advanced options settings

    Here you can set some advanced options as:
  • Use prefix free CSS
  • Use Captha in contact form
  • Support for Google Chrome Frame
  • etc…

    8. Branding options settings

    Avanti theme and admin panel is fully rebrandable. Here you can set:
  • Logo for frontpage and admin admin panel
  • Text for copyright area
  • Favicon
  • etc…

    9. SEO options settings

    Avanti have built-in support for advanced SEO options. Here you can enable and customize this options.

    10. Save and upload otions

    Avanti have built-in saving mechanism. All options can be saved as JSON file and restored in any moment.